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Rodure XTV 257

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RODURE XTV257 is a clean white, high opacity, high density polypropylene synthetic paper with a smooth matte surface on two sides with a softer, paper like formulation. It is suitable for a large range of durable printed applications requiring resistance to tearing, water, premature breakdown or yellowing due to ultra-violet light exposure. It\'s broad ranging temperature resistance makes it particularly suitable for high heat emitting printers and applications as well as having excellent resistance to cracking in low temperatures.


Highly durable temperature resistant posters

257 gsm
10 years
2 years

UV cured systems
Composition: High density single layer polypropylene
Main Applications: Posters, horticultural tags, shelf wobblers, folder covers and menus
Features: Opaque, matte, UV stabilised, anti-static, UV resistant, high impact modified
Benefits: Reliable printing 2 sides, high durability and broad temperature resistance
Surface Treatment: Corona both sides
Formulation: Anti-static, UV stabilized & additional low temperature impact modified
Storage Conditions: 22℃ 50 ~ 55% RH
Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture
Remarks: Recycler details available upon request
Sheet Sizes: See Sheet Cutting
Roll Widths: 1320mm, 1610mm, 1830mm
Roll Lengths: 100, 300, (160 & 800 for 1830 width)
Log Cutting: Not recommended
Sheet Cutting: up to 3200mm x 1600mm
Method: UV curable digital & screen print systems
Printable Sides: 2 sides
Ink Suitability: UV cured systems
Thickness: 250 micron
Weight: 257 gsm
Gloss Level: Matte
Heat Resistance: 100°C
Cold Resistance: -30°C
Shrinkage: ± 1% (ASTM – D257)

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