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Lucent Lightbox is a premium 100% polyester, 260gsm knit fabric with a soft matte finish which is the ideal solution for illuminated fabric signage up to 3.2m in width. Lighter weight, softer and more ‘textural’ than other lightbox fabrics, Lucent offers the perfect graphic surface for vibrant dye-sublimation transfer or direct printing, while its’ warp-knit structure provides a bit of stretch for easy installation into frame systems, and provides uniform light transmission while stopping light leak. FR treated to B1 standard, it has great cold cutting properties so it won’t fray when cut on digital cutting tables.


Illuminated signage, light boxes

Test product in applications prior
Test product in applications prior

UV, Latex, Disperse dye
Composition: 100% polyester
Main Applications: Illuminated signage, light boxes
Features: softe matte finish, textural surface, soft and light weight, slight stretchability, excellent cold cutting properties, available in up to 3m widths
Benefits: Light weight, soft textural surface, easy installation into frame systems, excellent printability, uniform light transmission, stops light leak, fray-free cutting.
Surface Treatment: Dye Direct Formula
Storage Conditions: Store at 10~25°C (50~77°F) and 50% relative humidity.
Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture
Sheet Sizes: Not available
Roll Widths: 2600, 3200
Roll Lengths: 50
Log Cutting: Available
Sheet Cutting: Not available
Method: UV, Latex, Dye-sublimation transfer, Dye-sublimation direct
Printable Sides: 1 side
Ink Suitability: UV, Latex, Disperse dye
Weight: 260gsm
Composition: Polyester
Denier & Density: 50D x 50D
Gloss Level: Satin

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