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SOLMAG 500 is a plain isotropic magnet sheet laminated with a white ink receptive digitally printable vinyl and a back-side coating to assist with issues relating to staining & sticking. The product is lead free and uses strontium ferrite bonded flexible magnet which can be easily used without altering its magnetic power. Plain, coloured or self-adhesive grades are also available upon request.


Fridge, car & shelf magnets

1.836 kg/m2
5 years
2 years

Solvent & UV
Composition: Bonded ferrite magnet
Main Applications: Fridge magnets, car signs, safety signs, business cards, shelf labels
Features: Vinyl laminated, back coated, easily folded & twisted
Benefits: Smooth printing, non marking, superior magnetic power & no-delamination
Storage Conditions: 5~40℃ & 35~75% RH
Remarks: Flexibility: Can be coiled to a ½ radius without cracking
Sheet Sizes: See sheet cutting
Roll Widths: 610
Roll Lengths: 30
Log Cutting: Not available
Sheet Cutting: Up to 3200mm x 610mm
Method: Digital Inkjet and Screen
Printable Sides: Oneside
Ink Suitability: Solvent & UV
Thickness: 0.50mm
Weight: 1.836 kg/m2
Gloss Level: Matte
Heat Resistance: 160ºF / 71ºC)
Cold Resistance: –15ºF / -26ºC

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