Textured Floor Graphic - Direct Print (P4 / D1)


SVF201305R Textured Floor Graphic Vinyl is a pre-embossed, rough textured & slip-resistant semi-rigid opaque white film, treated for direct printing without laminating and is used for short term floor graphics. It is coated with a removable, solvent based acrylic adhesive which can be wet applied and later removed without leaving residue. It has one side coated 100gsm single PE paper release liner.

Under AS 4586, Slip Resistance Values (SRV) were P4 when wet and D1 when dry.


Short Term Indoor Floor Graphics

350±20 g/m2
1 Year

UV Cured and Latex
Composition: Calendared embossed semi-rigid PVC film, adhesive & release paper
Main Applications: Short term removable non-laminated floor graphics
Features: P4 slip resistant emboss, controlled print formulation & shrinkage, special bonding adhesive, double PE stay flat release liner
Benefits: Avoid lamination time & costs, reliable printing & surface adhesion with good durability, flatness &,easy removability
Surface Treatment: Corona
Formulation: Plasticised Monomeric Vinyl
Storage Conditions: 5~40℃ & 35~75%℃ & Relative Humidity - up to 1 Year
Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture
Release Liner: 0.18mm, 120gsm double PE coated
Adhesive Type: Clear removable solvent based acrylic
Remarks: Slip resistance classification using AS 4586-2013 = P4 using the Wet Pendulum Test Method
Sheet Sizes: POA
Roll Widths: 1350
Roll Lengths: 50
Log Cutting: Yes
Sheet Cutting: Up to 3200mm x 1350mm
Method: UV Cured and Latex Machines
Printable Sides: One, wound facing outside of roll
Ink Suitability: UV Cured and Latex
Thickness: 0.25±0.020 (JIS Z 0237)
Weight: 350±20 g/m2
Composition: Calendared embossed semi-rigid PVC film, adhesive & release paper
Gloss Level: Textured Satin
Heat Resistance: 80℃
Cold Resistance: 5℃
Shrinkage: 0.5↓ % (80℃x48hrs)

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