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TRANSFLEX is a UV resistant, PVC coated & smooth surface reinforced banner vinyl with a translucent formulation. It exhibits a semi-scrimless appearance after printing making it ideal for closely viewed & long distance high resolution light-box. banner skins. It\'s softer coating gives a more supple & flexible feel and is more dimensionally stable, will finish & tension well and remain visually appealing in it\'s application


Backlit billboard & airport light-box skins

6 years
3 years

Solvent, UV, Sceen
Composition: High tensile woven polyester yarn knife coated with PVC resin
Main Applications: High print quality, close viewed light box banners
Features: Translucent resin, smooth coated, semi-scrimless & round yarn
Benefits: High image quality, ease of printing, processing & durability
Formulation: Anti-static, UV stabilized, Fire Retardant
Storage Conditions: Store at 22℃ 50 ~ 55% RH
Shelf Life: 12 months from date of manufacture
Sheet Sizes: See sheet cutting
Roll Widths: 3200, 4200 & 5000
Roll Lengths: 50
Log Cutting: Up to 5000mm width
Sheet Cutting: Up to 3200mm x 1830mm
Method: Most solvent, UV curable digital & screen print systems
Printable Sides: One, wound facing inside of roll
Ink Suitability: Solvent, UV, Sceen
Thickness: 0.39mm
Weight: 500gsm
Denier & Density: Denier 1000x1000 - Density (cm) 18 x 18
Gloss Level: Gloss
Heat Resistance: 70 ℃
Cold Resistance: -30 ℃

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