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Polytrans Dye

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Front print backlit polypropylene film

8 months unprinted

Dye/some pigments
Composition: Polypropylene / PVA
Main Applications: Indoor short term backlit display graphics
Features: Tear resistant, semi-transparent, effective light transmission
Benefits: Handles heavy ink saturation and dry\'s fast
Formulation: PVA coated, UV stablized.
Storage Conditions: 5 ~ 40degC & 35~75% RH
Shelf Life: 9 months
Release Liner: N/A
Adhesive Type: N/A
Remarks: Laminate with Innojet cold laminating films
Roll Widths: 915mm, 1270mm, 1524mm.
Roll Lengths: 30 metres
Log Cutting: Slicing
Method: Inkjet
Printable Sides: 1
Ink Suitability: Dye/some pigments
Heat Resistance: N/A
Cold Resistance: N/A
Shrinkage: N/A

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