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AQUATRANS is a translucent, high rigidity, white polyester film with an ink receptive matte coating on one side designed for high resolution indoor light-box graphics using aqueous dye & pigment inkjet printers. Its high temperature resistance, dimensional stability and optimum light transmission provide flat, durable and perfect looking backlit graphics.


Indoor light-box Posters

220 gsm
2 years
Not recommended

Pigment or dye
Composition: Polyester film
Main Applications: Indoor light-box posters
Features: Stiff, high tensile & heat resistance film, good translucent level, quality coating
Benefits: Reliable printing, high durability & flatness, visually appealing
Surface Treatment: Corona & ink receptive coating
Formulation: UV stabilized, anti-static treated
Storage Conditions: Store at 22℃ 50 ~ 55% RH
Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture
Remarks: Requires lamination using ROLAM protective over laminates
Sheet Sizes: Not available
Roll Widths: 915, 1270, 1524
Roll Lengths: 30
Log Cutting: Not possible
Sheet Cutting: Not available
Method: Digital inkjet printers
Printable Sides: One, wound facing outside
Ink Suitability: Pigment or dye
Thickness: 0.165 mm
Weight: 220 gsm
Gloss Level: Matte
Heat Resistance: 80℃
Cold Resistance: 5℃

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