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SupaCling Ultra White is removable, recyclable and environmentally friendly opaque, matte polypropylene film with a treated print surface and a suction coating on the reverse side designed to stick onto glass and other glossy surfaces. Ideal for sign, display and graphic applications where easy installation, repositioning, clean removability and re-use are desirable.

No PVC films or regular adhesives are used in the composition, making application & recycling a more viable option than for other products in the market.


Self installed temporary graphics designed for smooth surfaces

Film = 130 gsm - Total weight = 175 gsm
2 years
Test product in outdoor applications prior

UV Cured, Eco Solvent, Latex
Composition: 195mic white matt polypropylene film + suction coating + PET release liner
Main Applications: Indoor printed graphics mounted to glossy surfaces, mainly glass windows.
Features: Excellent whiteness, print surface, cling coating
Benefits: Easy install, repositioning and removability, glue & residue free
Surface Treatment: Corona
Formulation: Non Plasticised, PVC Free Biaxially Oriented PP Film
Storage Conditions: Store at 10~25°C (50~77°F) and 50% relative humidity.
Shelf Life: 2 years
Release Liner: Frosted PET Film
Adhesive Type: Innovative cling coating
Remarks: Designed for indoor use. Test in outdoor applications.
Sheet Sizes: See Sheet Cutting
Roll Widths: 1370
Roll Lengths: 50
Log Cutting: Available on request.
Sheet Cutting: Up to 3200mm x 1370mm
Method: Eco-solvent / Latex / UV Digital / Offset
Printable Sides: One, wound facing outside of roll
Ink Suitability: UV Cured, Eco Solvent, Latex
Thickness: 0.195mm
Weight: Film = 130 gsm - Total weight = 175 gsm
Composition: 195mic white matt polypropylene film + suction coating + PET release liner
Gloss Level: Matt
Heat Resistance: Up to 110°C
Cold Resistance: Down to -30°C
Shrinkage: ≦0.1 in

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